Latest casting ideas.
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Below are some examples of our work using our new ideas.

The first photograph is showing a baby's hand and foot finished in silver displayed on a 12 x 12 glass tile to hang on the wall, with a plaque engraved with the baby's photo and a christening message from the Grandparents.  This was done for a couple in Skipton Yorkshire, whose house had a very modern impression to it and had black and silver decor.  We can also display 2 feet castings on there or if you have more than one child a hand of each, or if you would like both hands and feet done of your baby we could display these on there too. We also use this to display babies hands and feet or children holding hands, mummy and baby holding hands or couples holding hands, to stand on a table as an ornament, rather than hanging on the wall.

The second photograph shows a pair of baby's feet finished in bronze displayed on travastine and made to look like a scroll from Roman times.  This was done for customer in Harrogate who had  large pillars in their lounge giving a Roman feel to it.

The third photograph shows a mummy holding her baby's hand finished in gold and displayed on marble with a gold engraved plaque.  This was done for a customer in Leyburn Yorkshire who also had a hand and a foot displayed in a frame for the nursery.

The fourth photograph was done for a customer in Bolton Lancashire North West who liked simplicity to show the detail of the hand and foot, so chose to have the hand and foot finished in white and displayed in a frame with a beech surround and black backboard and mount, with a silver engraved plaque.  They thought this was far better than an impression or even a 2D impression.

The fifth photograph was done for a customer from Clitheroe Lancashire who had a casting of mummy holding baby's hand finished in white, displayed on a piece of black granite with a silver engraved plaque.  This customer also had a pair of hands done for her 4 year old in a frame and also her and her husband holding hands done in white and displayed on black granite to celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary.

Silver hand & foot on black glass to hang on wall.
hand and foot impression
This also comes with a photo engraved plaque with your choice of poem on it.
Mummy holding baby's hand in gold finish.
Mummy and baby girl
Displayed on marble with engraved plaque.
Pair of baby feet on a scroll type travatine.
Nursery designer casting
This hangs on the wall and comes complete with an engraved plaque.
Both hands and both feet in silver frame.
twins hand and foot casts
Baby hands and feet finished in bronze and displayed in silver frame with silver engraved plaque.
Hand and foot finished in white.
new parents
Displayed in beech frame with black backboard and mount with silver engraved plaque.
Mummy and baby holding hands finished in white.
mummy and baby boy
Displayed on black granite with silver engraved name plaque.

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