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Do you live outside of Lancashire?
Want to run your own business from home?
We offer a range of training packages to help you start your own casting business in your area.
Call or email to discuss how we can bespoke a package for you .

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.
What Process is involved?

The process involves taking an impression of the hand or foot using a moulding material.  It is totally safe and non toxic and therefore harmless, giving a highly detailed individual piece of art, unique to your child.

Question 2   Is it uncomfortable to take the cast?
Not at all, the casting process is completely safe and can even be fun! We use a fast setting material which takes around 30 seconds to set, it then simply peels away to leave a highly detailed mould.

Question 3. How are casts displayed?

Your casts will be finished in a highly durable ground stone which is then hand painted in gold, silver or bronze at your choice. Your unique piece of art will then be displayed in a hand crafted 3D Box frame  in an oak style finish.  Other frames are available - please discuss.

Question 4. How long does it normally take to complete the casting?

We can normally take the mould within 7 days, the process then takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete.
Question 5.   Can I have more than one child’s hand or foot in a frame? 

Yes, that’s no problem.  Please email or ring with the number of children you would like us to cast and their ages and we will discuss this with you and give you a quote.

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